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Emma O’Reilly

Creative Manager

Inspired by the Work

“Having worked in this industry for over a decade, I understand how it works in its entirety. Creating a strong brand can change the world, and to be a part of that is honestly incredible. I feel so grateful to work with a team that matches my energy. You can see our minds constantly buzzing with ideas, and everyone here encourages each other’s greatness. I truly love being a designer, nothing makes me happier than designing onscreen then watching our class in-house team bring it to life in front of my very eyes!”

Inspired by the World

“I absolutely love music. You’ll find me enjoying anything from P!NK to Mumford and Sons and I’m a huge fan of country music. Music inspires me so much every day. The variety of genres and the opportunity for artistic expression is amazing, and I see so much inspiration for my designs through the creative and music industries.”

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