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They are the dynamic design team whose minds are abuzz of creativity and are Masters of Mousery (technical term for creativity with a mouse – NOT a Disney Club Award).

It seems they are powered by a weird combo of Country & Western and Death Metal that radiates from the studio.

They work closely with their clients from concept to completion, Raising the bar and setting daily challenges for our manufacturing team



They are an extremely noisy lot, in fact the louder they are the more exciting the reveal. We don’t have a favourite team, but if we did….

Armed with a plethora of tools to create the most mesmerising, bespoke products.

Their machinery & manufacturing capabilities include:

  • latex digital printing
  • Flatbed CNC
  • Welding
  • Wet Paint Spraying
  • Electrical
  • Joinery
  • Signage manufacture
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They truly are the ninja’s of OTWC, they speak their own language using words like ‘squeegie’, ‘bleed’ & ‘Splice’.

There’s nothing they enjoy more than filling their vans with new graphics and signage and heading off to transform another person’s world.

When they’re not 15 metres in the air or digging deep for signage foundations, we send them on accreditation courses – just to give them a seat for the day!

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Every client has a dedicated project manager. As experts in different sectors of the industry, the combined wealth of knowledge of the Project Management Team allows them to pinpoint just what a client is looking for – before they even know it themselves!

Your appointed Project Manager will oversee every aspect of the project from material specification and customer proofing to timelines and onsite install.

These guys and gals are The Special Ops Arm of the business, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s to ensure every element of a project is delivered on time, to the exact client specification and within budget. They just love making clients happy!

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