PowderTek – Detail is the difference between Good and Great!

FROM: our latest success stories

It is fair to say we still get the buzz out of designing and manufacturing signs and graphics. Seeing an idea convert to a design and then manufactured to a finished product is what it is all about. Anyone who knows us will know that we like to do things differently, we do them our way and always to the highest of standards. Our teams passion for making graphics and signage that excite us is what drives quality.

Our good friends at PowderTek have expanded and moved into much larger better equipped facilities and as apart of their investment they trusted us with the design and manufacturing of new signs.

Among other areas we were asked to create a new reception sign which was Halo illuminated with push through letters. As a nice touch, we routered the back panel from 10mm clear acrylic with rounded and flame polished edges and cut a 3mm recess cut across the panel to sit the black panel flush with the acrylic. In order to bring out the blue colour we applied a translucent printed blue to the acrylic back and inlayed the face of the sign with the cnc routered composite black face to block the light where needed. You will see from the photos that the “Powder” text is emphasised by CNC cutting them from a 30mm opal acrylic with a round over to create the dome effect which we hand polished to a smooth high quality finish. The “Tek” letters are pushed through from the clear acrylic back panel to sit flush on the face.

In order to illuminate through the face and to create a Halo, we manufactured the back tray in a Opal Acrylic bonded box, flooding the internals with Leds to give punchy light. The face is attached to the tray with hidden fixings and fixed to the wall securely through the back tray so no fixings are seen.

Detail is what make the difference between good and great!